Completing Your Bag

Cutting out the Lining

When you have the two quilt panels completed, you’re ready to assemble the bag. Trim the edges of your panels and measure them. Cut two pieces of lining fabric and two pieces of interfacing the same size. Cut two pieces of fabric the length of 3 sides of your bag x the depth you want your bag to be. One will be outside the bag, and one will be part of the lining. These strips can be pieced. Be sure to add seam allowances. Cut a strip of interfacing the same length. If you want pockets inside your bag, cut two pocket pieces for each pocket or one piece the width of the pocket x twice the length. Either press, baste, or use adhesive spray to attach the interfacing to the lining pieces.


If you’re making fabric handles. cut two strips of fabric the length you want your handles to be and twice the width plus 1/2″. Cut two from interfacing. Attach the interfacing to the wrong side of the strips. Fold the strips lengthwise, right sides together. Stitch down the long sides using 1/4″ seams. Turn right side out and press with the seam going down the middle of the back. Edge stitch down each side.

If you’re attaching a purchased handle, cut a strip 5 times the length you need to make a loop to slip the handles through twice the with that will fit through the handle plus 1/2″. Interfacing is optional. Fold the strip right sides together, turn right side out, press and edge stitch. Cut the strip into 4 pieces.


Sew one of the side panels around 3 sides of the bag. It’s easier to do it if you clip the side strips at the corners of the bag. Press.

Measure where you want the handles of the bag to come on the bag and pin them in place matching raw edges. If you have purchased handles, place the loops where you want them to be. If you handles aren’t detachable, slip the handles in before closing the loop.

Lining and Pockets

If you’re adding pockets, sew two pocket pieces together (or fold them) right sides together.  Leaving a small opening to turn the pocket right side out, sew around the outside of the pocket. Turn and press. Pin the pocket(s) in place and sew them to the the lining back-stitching at the corners.

Sew the lining sides to the front and back of the lining pieces, clipping corners. Leave an opening in one of the bottom seams large enough to pull the bag through. (4 or 5 inches or so)  Press. If you’re adding a closure, do it now.

Pin the top edges of the bag to the top edges of the lining right sides together. Stitch, catching the handles  in the seam. Pull the bag through opening you left in the bottom. Press. Sew the opening closed either by hand or on the machine. Topstitching around the top of the bag is optional.


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