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All About Seam Finishes (Part One French Seams)

The first and foremost reason for finishing a seam is to keep it from fraying or raveling. Fabric cut on the true bias (a 45 degree angle from the selvages) and knits won’t ravel or fray so there is no … Continue reading

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Basic Hems (Part Five) Hemming by Hand

Hemming by Hand The Classic Hemstitch I said in the introduction to hemming that my mom could hem by hand like a little French nun. Her stitches were tiny and barely visible on the outside of a garment. Inside all … Continue reading

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Basic Hems (Part Four)

The Twin Needle Hem on Knits You can sew knit garments with a regular needle on a sewing machine, and from the outside they will look just the same as if you sewed them on a serger except for one … Continue reading

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Basic Hems (Part Three) Narrow Rolled Hems

The Narrow Rolled Hem on a Sewing Machine   This is the task that gets a lot of seamstresses off to the serger store, but there are times when a serged narrow rolled hem just doesn’t cut it. So to … Continue reading

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Basic Hems (Part Two) Shell Stitched Hems

The Shell Stitch Hem I learned how to do a shell stitch hem in a silk lingerie class. If you’ve never treated yourself to a silk slip or nightie, put it on your to do list. Nothing feels sexier than … Continue reading

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Basic Hems (Part One) Blindstitched Hems

There is nothing that’s screams “homemade” quite like a bad hem. Even a well-executed hem can ruin a garment if you don’t choose the right style for the fabric and garment. One of my neighbors went to K-mart and bought … Continue reading

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Taking It Up a Notch

  Update – This blog has taken off beyond my expectation so I’ve bought my own domain name. The old links still work, but if you’ve bookmarked the site and would like to update the blog address, it’s . … Continue reading

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