About Elliesmom

Ellie is a 3 year old Golden Doodle who does everything with me so it only makes sense she’d help me write a blog.

I started sewing with my mom and my grandmother when I was about 10, which is over 50 years ago. From the two of them I learned a lot about both what to do and what not to do. I’ve taken some professional pattern drafting classes, I’ve taught for Stretch and Sew, and at a local fabric store. I’ve done bridal sewing and taught high school kids how to make the costumes for their spring extravaganzas.  I belong to the American Sewing Guild, and I take part in a lot of sewing and machine embroidery classes. In my non-sewing life I’ve been a classroom science teacher, and I’ve also been a curriculum designer for an international online school.

All of that or none of that might make me qualified to charge big bucks for sewing lessons, but this is free! So if I can help you make your projects look just a little bit better that would be great for both us since I miss teaching online. But if nothing I post helps you in any way, at least you didn’t fork over $40 to Craftsy. 😉 They have some good classes, BTW, but do read the reviews before you buy. Make sure the class at least says it’s going to teach you something you want and are ready to learn.

6 Responses to About Elliesmom

  1. Dwayla Dallas says:

    Thanks so much for this resource.

    I’d particularly value a bit about sewing with velvet–I have a large red coat that needs to be a luxe little cape!


  2. Sharon says:

    Thank you for creating this Blog. 1st time here…. A friends recommendation!
    Love what appears to be a great (& growing) place to find help with sewing fundamentals as well as a place to ask questions/leave comments!!
    (I’ll be sure to share this page with my sewing friends!)


  3. Jill says:

    Just found your blog! I read through your post on your cruise outfit….love your writing style….I felt like I was sitting right next to you as you worked through your pretty too construction! I started garment sewing as a young teen, life got in the way, and when I retired a few years ago, took up quilt making with a great gusto! Now that I am “mature”, I find it very difficult to find RTW clothing that fits and looks appropriate without looking frumpy! Time to start playing with patterns! Do you have any favorite online fabric sources? Aside from a few quilt shops and JAF, there is nothing in my area.


    • elliesmom says:

      Thank you! I do buy a lot of my fabrics online. I shop at http://www.mood.com, http://www.fabric.com, and http://www.voguefabricsstore.com mostly. I occasionally find a sale here or there that sucks me in, but those are my “go-to” places. Living in the Boston area, I have access to several fine fabric stores, and sometimes I just need to touch before I buy. Both Mood and Vogue have good swatching services. Vogue has a club you can join for a fee, and they will send you catalogues each season with coordinating fabrics and swatches. You get a substantial head start on the general public to buy from the book.


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