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Buttons and Buttonholes Part One- Choosing the Right Style

There are a couple of walls beginning seamstresses run into when they’re trying to advance their sewing skills, and one of them is buttonholes. Eventually, they want to make something that doesn’t rely on stretch to be able to get … Continue reading

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You Asked for It – Understanding “Ease”

What if patterns had different kinds of flowers as their sizes? Maybe you’d be a daisy size or a rose. Would you be OK with it if you were an iris instead? We’ve become so hung up on numbers picking … Continue reading

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Sewing Sheers

My dog, Ellie, has been sick since Saturday night. She’s on the mend, but being sick to Ellie means you never leave Mom’s side – ever.  So today’s sewing lesson will be about something I’m sewing rather than something one … Continue reading

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You Asked for It – Pressing Tools

When we first begin to sew, we spend all of efforts looking for the best sewing machine for us that’s in our budget. It’s a good thing to do. But a sewing machine is just the first step in getting … Continue reading

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Zippers – The Fly

There are a lot of patterns for pants and skirts that say they have a “fly front”.  A true fly front has a facing that covers the zipper and a fly shield that blocks the view of your underwear should … Continue reading

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You Asked For It – Piping Part 2

Now that you have your piping made and sewn on, what do you do when need to join piping to itself? The primary concern if you’d like your piping to look neat, tidy, and professionally done is to choose a … Continue reading

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Zippers (Cont.) Regular Zipper with a Lining

I had planned to do a fly front zipper today, but I got an urgent request for a zipper with a lining. This is one I do much differently from the way I was originally taught. Mom and Nana taught … Continue reading

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